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Ankle Joint Fusion


Ankle fusion cage, Orthopedy, Prosthesis

A 56-year-old male patient with Charcot joint due to diabetes had a portion of his talus bone absorbed. Surgery to amputate the limb was recommended to the patient due to difficulty walking, prompting his visit to the doctor.

رادیولوژی قبل از جراحی
Pre-op Radiology

By analyzing the contralateral limb of the patient, the location of the calcaneus was identified to prevent limb shortening, and the height of the prosthesis was determined.

A channel for the passage of the Ankle Fusion Nail was incorporated into the prosthesis, and to facilitate filling the cage with autograft and ensure the strength of the prosthesis, it was designed with porosity.

The ankle fusion cage was manufactured using 3D printing,  post-processing operations, sanitizing, and sterilization with gamma radiation. Then it was delivered to the physician.

In the operating room

In the operating room
Post-op Radiology