Intended for Surgeon

Reconstruction of the bone defect caused by severe varus deformity


Orthopedy, Patient Specific Cone, Prosthesis

An 87-year-old male patient with severe genu varum (Varus-bow-legged) and significant bone defects presented to the doctor. He was a candidate for bilateral knee replacement. Due to the relatively severe bone defect caused by the deformity, reconstruction with off-the-shelves augments was not possible. To reconstruct these defects, the patient was referred to us by the doctor for the design and manufacture of customized augments.

Pre-op radiology of the patient

After obtaining radiology and CT images and planning according to the physician’s treatment plan, a custom cone was designed for the patient to reconstruct the bone defect.

Planning and designing custom prostheses for the patient based on three-dimensional bone modeling

Based on preoperative simulation, the prosthesis was placed in the planned location. To ensure proper placement, a trial component was used during the surgery, followed by the placement of the actual component in the patient’s body.

The joint replacement surgeries for both legs were performed one week apart. The alignment of the limbs were corrected, and the patient was able to walk the day after each surgery.

Post-op radiology of the patient